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AD!JAVA Partnership commenced business in 2003 and is an Internet Technology and Event Party Agency company specializing in organizing IT stuff, events, culture events, weddings, events strategy and procurement of goods and services within a particular event. AD!JAVA Partnership has over 100 corporate clients in Indonesia and Australia. We have offices in Yogyakarta, Jambi, Bali and Magelang.

Our Mission

To consistently and professionally implement and advise on “State of the Art” business technology solutions that exceed client expectations.

Our Plan

To deal with the development of communication technology in producing dynamic ideas in order to become a partner and get more creative ideas to reach and move forward together with partner and produce new inventions.

Our Vision

To be recognized as Indonesian’s premier AD!JAVA Partnership Business Solution.


AD!JAVA Partnership has experienced in a broad range of advaced works and has special skills or extended experience in the following areas;

Advanced Web System Development

We AD!JAVA Web System Division have been providing advanced MIS (Management Information System) estimating services for more than 10 years. We customize our estimates for each client. We adjust our estimating format, takeoff list, software and methodology to provide the best estimate for you. We ensure you are on the right path.

Mobile Application Solution

Global average device user on world wide web right now 80% are Mobile device users, we are committed to embracing all mobile application including Android and iOS mobile application development for the part your bussiness solution. Talk to us about your needs and we can create the perfect package for you.

Web Company Profile Development

Internet has opened a gateway to endless communication. Web plays an instrumental part in developing business and online transactions. It doesn’t matter whether your business is local or not, the web chain exposes a wider market to you. Your web presence helps you in growing your trade, interacting with clients set in distant corners and a detailed overview of your company and services. We at AD!JAVA Partnership make sure that you sign the best deeds of your career from your office desk.

Advance Secure System

We want to help you protect your organisation from hacking trial. It’s all about creating a safer business environment where criminals are prevented from counterfeiting, alteration and theft. We’re champions of advance secure security - our specialist knowledge and long experience in the industry means we can meet all your secure server and software needs. We offering you data encryption, secure databases and alphanumeric numbering - for unparalleled protection.

Internet and Multimedia Company Publishing

We are committed to embracing all publishing multimedia platforms, including websites, ebooks, guest writing hardcopy books, emags, apps, social media and Search Engine Optimation. AD!JAVA Partnership has a division to extend our multimedia publishing reach to third party companies. Talk to us about your needs and we can create the perfect package for you.

Product Launching and Multimedia Presentation

We offer a wide range of Product Launching and Multimedia Presentations that perfectly suits your purpose. Apt background music, intelligent text, appealing voice over and stimulating animation creates strong impression upon viewers. Be it a corporate demonstration, a new product launching or a sales demo, AD!JAVA Partnership provides power-packed presentations matching every need.

Culture and Music Events

Events have the power not only to bring people together, to entertain and inform, but also to educate and inspire. A great arts, culture and music events does all these things, challenging perceptions and providing a new point of view via a wide variety of mediums. We used to share the knowledge and other requirement things with clients how they use all of these such as; music, art, sculpture, dance, theatre, literature, poetry, and many more to connect and engage with attendees. Here they share with us and what we hear and combine the idea and how to organise the perfect music and culture events.

Outdoor and Indoor Wedding Events

With the professional experience of the wedding coordinators at AD!JAVA Partnership we make an excellent resource when you are feeling overwhelmed with the planning process and decision making involved. We provide individualized attention to each couple while letting them guide the design and overall atmosphere achieved on this very special day to celebrate their love and commitment. The professionals at AD!JAVA Partnership understand the importance of your wedding day and how you have a vision for how you want to celebrate this monumental day with your friends and family. We strive to offer stress free planning with our experienced staff who will help you create the day you have been picturing for so long.

Company Outing and Outbound Training

AD!JAVA Partnership team were well organized, planned all the activities properly and thus, were able to manage & execute well with a huge group of participants. It is not easy to manage big groups and able to pass on the message as intended through different team activities and each activity had a thought process, example well thought-of and apt to the group. The coordination among the trainers was good and kept each & every person involved. We are sure it was a great experience for most of our team members and learning with fun activities. It does work as refresher and helps to boost the morale of your team.

Events Marketing and Strategy

A company or an organization survives on its brand name. This brand power is very much influential on its business. No matter what quality product you make without a smart marketing and promotional strategy it becomes a flop. AD!JAVA Partnership with its years of experience is well aware of the market tactics. Implementing our market research and innovative concepts we ensure a knockout promotion of your goods. We even conceptualize and execute TV advertisements, several internal, outdoor campaigns and Social Media Blasting. To be more powerful and visible as a brand, think smart and invest in us.

Non-profit Events organizations "especially charities"

As a vision, mission, and dedicated company, AD!JAVA Partnership is passionate about supporting the work of local businesses — especially charities, and nonprofit organizations. That’s why we created the AD!JAVA Partnership company, which provides time, talent and treasure to local nonprofits that make their communities and program success and find a better place.

Personal and Company Branding

When it comes to achieving career success, you are your own secret weapon. In many ways, entrepreneurs ARE their company (consider Steve Jobs, whose “think different” mentality gave us Apple). You’ve got what no other business has: you. Which is why Personal Branding consulting service focuses on articulating what it is that makes you, your brand, and your company exceptional. In order to take their brands to even greater success, entrepreneurs—whether they’re artists or accountants—need to be able to communicate the values which distinguish their business from any other. We’re here to help you do that with technology!

Come and Join Us!

Just as important as the selection of your business system is the selection of your provider. Even the most sophisticated systems are dependent on implementation and ongoing support. It is for this reason that AD!JAVA Partnership employs over 75% of company personnel in implementation and support roles.

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Our Skills

AD!JAVA Partnership Event and Party Agency and Information Technology Division has won awards for developing culture and IT Environments in DI. Yogyakarta Province with technical excellence. All AD!JAVA Partnership staff are appropriately qualified; this includes creating creative ideas, consulting and organizing. Staff at AD!JAVA Partnership are skilled in the following specific areas:

Advance System Analyst 100%
Programing Design 100%
Creative Idea Solution and Events99%
Advance Design 98%
IT Publication trough Internet 100%
B to B target Win to Win 99%


AD!JAVA Partnership to be submitted into consideration in an effort to improve the quality of management and services as well as promotional information effectively and efficiently. We are sure of service that we offer can be optimally useful in supporting the development future of your company in accordance with our common hope.






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Classical Ochestra Performance Folk Project

Bondan & Fade2Black

Artist Page Profile

Asian Development Bank

IT Consultant Project DHS2 Evaluation Project

Earst And Young

Telecommunication Survey at Bantul and Sleman Area.


Indonesian Citizen Population System


Geographic Information System

Kambang Hospital

Hospital Management System

Tirta Wiyata Academy

Academic Information System

RaNa Creative Solution

Accounting Management System


Exhibition Organizer & Exhibtion Reservation Management System

Tidar University

Academic Information System

DPU, Jambi

Project Management System

Wajah Nusantara

Culture Event


Geographic Information System

Jambore PNPM Mandiri

Exhibition Events


Cultural History Management System & Digitalize Books

Seurieus Band Launching

Event Organizer

Indonesian Climbing

Event Organizer

Putmasari Telkomsel

Outbound & Motivation

Symphony of Beauty

Telkomsel Events

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Langen Gita

Colossal Show Events

Pidato Bahasa Jawa

Galeria Mall Culture Events


Culture Events

House Of Lawe

Web Company Profile

University of Batanghari

Academic Information System

Arin & Heru

Wedding Organizer


MIS & Web Company Profile

AKBID Karya Husada

All Packet Academic & Web Company Profile


Advance MIS

Bharatayuddha On Canvas

Museum records Events

Puppet Show at “Tugu”

Culture Event “New Year’s Eve” Show

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